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Connect is an international event for everyone who is about to finish high school. Students will gather for a week of connections, inspirations, action, cultural exchange and celebration.


In a rapidly changing and complex world, our aim is to empower and strengthen youth, to make them feel that they can choose and act for what they truly believe in, take initiative and cause a ripple effect of creativity for future generations. We want to encourage youngsters to ‘be the change they wish to see in the world’. 

Connect envisions to empower the youth to find their own path in this World.


Connect strives to co-create a safe space with youth just out of high school to be themselves, discover their potentials, explore different cultures, perspectives and world challenges, exchange knowledge, learn tangible tools and skills and to take initiative.

To foster creativity, self-awareness and global understanding among the youth through a holistic approach to learning. Connect aims to create a conducive environment for ideas and actions to grow through intercultural dialogues, international seminars, open spaces, and skill workshops while having fun.





Connect Belgium 2015
Connect Belgium 2017
Connect Slovenia 2018

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Connect is based 100% on voluntary work.  Every year a group of different individuals come together to create the event. The funding for the event are also done from scratch every year.



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