Koen Joly                      Creating Magic

Justas Volungevicius       Activism

Ben Taffner                   Lindy Hop

Gert-Jan van de Hoon     Be your true self

Christa van Kan            Biography work

Andraž Kališnik            T. I. C. S.

Roie Biran                     Spoken word

Tal Biran                      Self-development

Michal Kalmanovich     Experimental Art

Franzi                           Sustainability

Felix                             Teaching

Jappe                            Storytelling

Nick Potter                    Social Tree Folding

Andraž Kališnik

Do you think money will make you happy? Do you wonder why are you not rich? Are you unhappy with the thought of having to go to 5-9 job? Do you want to leave whatever you are supposed to do and do what makes you happy? Do you want a better life and don’t know how to achieve it?

Through my workshop, we will dive into these questions and together make the first small steps to a major future change, regardless of the area you want to change.

Thinking of an individual in capitalist society

Tal Biran

We live in a time where the world around us can feel frenetic, fast-paced and chaotic. many of our choices are influenced from the external - what will people think\say about us? what does our society approve of? belief systems we grew up on….

One of the greatest challenges facing us today is being able to create and nurture an internal space of peace, faith and confidence which can sustain and support us from within.

An internal space that is connected with our active will and wishful heart as inner voices enabling us to express our unique self and fulfill our true desires and full human potential. Such a connection is especially relevant for young people leaving familiar settings embarking on a new path with themselves in the world....

The workshop will offer knowledge and skills that will support creating this internal personal space in a simple, creative and joyful way.


Nick Potter

This workshop will explore how social three folding can be used as a model for addressing complex challenges in the 21st century, such as environmental degradation, social inequality and technological disruption.

Social three-folding

Franziska Beck

Within the year 2016, a person in the European Union generated in average 483kg waste, whereas Norwegians produced the most with 754kg and Romanians the least with 249kg. When we say ‘we throw something away’ – what does that actually mean? ‘Away’ implies that the trash is out of our sight, but it does not disappear by magic. The trash ends up in our landfills, ruining our beautiful environment, delivering toxic compounds into our air, water and soil, wasting resources and costing the society a lot of money in processing the waste. The environmental, social and economic damage of waste is huge. Therefore, the philosophy of Zero Waste is becoming crucial for the future. Zero Waste is defined by a set of practices aimed at reducing and in a narrower sense avoiding as much waste as possible.

You are critical towards the immense production of waste and resulting challenge for our generation? Then let’s explore the opportunities together and share your ideas.

Zero Waste

Jappe & Louise

Through the power of storytelling we will explore personal and global challenges. Find your story through games and deep listening. Stories of your adventures and experiences will guide us. We will look at how intimedly the story of our world and our lifes are woven together.


Roie Biran

We will practice basic skills and exercises of writing "spoken word", starting with associative writing and going into personal writing. Thinking of the different backgrounds and languishes of the participants, I think we will do some work with hearing the sounds of different languishes and even translating from languish to languish.

At the end of the sessions we will try to have little performances of poems that were written during the mutual work.

Spoken Word

Koen Joly

Do you recognize these situations?

– you bump into someone and it feels like you’ve been knowing each other for years

– you walk in the street and all of a sudden you see people dancing all around

– you feel like in a dream sitting on a bench with some friends

– you love it when unexpected things happen

– you become speechless watching a sunset

It’s this kind of moments that we often call “magical moments”.Most of the time we talk about them afterwards. How would you feel being able to create these moments? I believe these moments happen more than we know. I believe we can make these moments happen. If you want to experience the magic together, If you want to make magic happen at the conference, If you want to know the secret of magical moments, If you believe that you too can make magic happen, If you just feel magical…

Be welcome to the MAGIC workshop, curated by Koen Joly.

We go on a trip to MAGIC land by:

– exploring situations you experienced this MAGICal moments

– dreaming about MAGIC you would like to see in your world

– designing actions to make MAGIC come true

Creating Magic

Ben & Karin

In the workshop Ben and Karin will present the dance and the philosophy behind. They can talk hours and hours about that, but here are only a few words that move them in the context of the workshop, that will be a mix of dancing and talking:

- living as a dancer

- music, rhythm and dance to swing music

- improvisation and expression as one of the most important skills in the dance

- communication with yourself, your partner and the music

- connection physically and mentally

Lindy Hop

20160122_152207 (1).jpg
Michal Karger-Kalmanovich

Are we certain there is only one objective reality to perceive?

What is our favorite way to perceive reality as we think we see it?

What makes our points of view so different and  interesting?

Can I play with my own reality, can I effect how I see things?


We will do: 

In this workshop, we will experience the relations between our impressions, 

Our inside images and our ideas about the reality we see- through drawing and playing. 

We will allow: 

It may be beautiful, gentle, and compassionate but it can also be powerful. Mind opening, Ugly and Disturbing, it all depends on what there is for us to explore 

Come with an open mind and open heart into the exercises, 

And we will go to a short playful journey together

Experimental-playful drawing

Justinas Volngevicius

How will you be the change you want to see in the world? During the workshop we will discuss privilege, democracy, activism, ‘what is power’, ‘how do you use your capacity to make the difference’ and ‘what are the obstacles for us to be the change’?

Activism, democracy, power, and your place in it

Gert-Jan Van de Hoon

How to be your true authentic self by letting go of who you think you should be.

You are invited on a (inner) journey of awareness and exploration, connecting to your voice inside, exploring your own life story, finding out about your potential and connecting with your dreams. We use storytelling, visualisations, meditation and creative exercises to create your personal storyboard.

Be Your Trueself